Winter Avalanche Courses


The mountains are a huge playground. The excitement, however, sometimes comes at a cost. Every year people are seriously injured or killed in avalanches. As mountain users we have a responsibility to minimise the risk presented by the snow and the mountains. The course is taught in a form that is easy to understand and memorise, so it can be later used as a regularly used ON THE HILL CHECK.


Avalanche Course Level I

In this 2-day course, all of our time will be spent in the field creating an "On the Hill Check" process. This course is aimed at all mountain users who want to learn the newest techniqes in snow safety and rescue.

What you can expect to learn

  • How to recognise avalanche terrain
  • Different types of snow crystals within the snow pack that lead to instability
  • How to recognise weather and terrain features that lead to instability
  • Field tests that help evaluate stability/instability
  • Safe and efficient transceiver use
  • The newest rescue techniques

Avalanche Course Level