Summer Tours 2009


Central Europe has some of the most beautiful mountains in the word. Even though the highs look modest by comparison with high peaks on other continents, the 4000m peaks of the alps rise further above the snow line than many much higher mountains in the Himalaya. And to climb them we do not have to travel half way around the globe. The normal routes on the central European peaks can range from easy (F) to extremely hard (ED). Their are two mountaineering meccas in central Europe - Zermatt in Switzerland and Chamonix in France. Both areas have a vast choice of mountains. Zermatt for its 4000m peaks and Chamonix for its steep solid rock.


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THE ALPINE 4000M PEAKS  (classic routes)

BREITHORN — Nice introduction peak 4164m (F)

ALLALINHORN — Another good introduction peak 4027m (F)

WEISSMIES — Europe's himalayan mountain 4023m (PD)

POLUX — Rock and ice, great climb 4092m (PD)

CASTOR — Classic knife-edge ridge 4228m (PD+)

RIMPFLISCHHORN -- Long but exciting climb (AD)

WEISSHORN -- One of the classic big alpine climbs (AD)

These peaks are only few that we offer. Please contact us for more information and prices. 



The Highlands of Scotland are one of the few areas of western Europe that could arguably be described as a wilderness. Roads are few and far between. It can be as much as twenty miles to the nearest habitation. The high plateau of the Cairngorms is a backdrop to every view, and ever-changing throughout the day as sun and shadow move across the hills. These high places lie at the core of the Cairngorms National Park Scotland which offers a huge variety of challenges from gentle walks to serious summer expeditions. The Cairngorms also host a selection of amazing watersports making Scotland an ideal country for outdoor activities

Scotish Highlands


We have over 35 activities to choose from, Ranging from sailing to deer stocking. The activity course is aimed to give you a taster in the great outdoors. We offer many different levels, from moderate to advanced. Our instructors/guides all hold national qualifications.


Included in the price: overnight accommodation (17th century castle or loch side lodge) minibus travel (to and from airport and activities) instruction, activity equipment, breakfast, lunch, evening meal, entry fees to guided tours.


DATES — 30 aug - 5 sept / 6 sept - 12 sept / 13 sept - 19 sept / 20 sept - 26 sept 2010

Min 6 pers  Max 8 pers